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The first olive trees - for the production of olive oil - were planted in 2008.

We mainly grow Frantoio, Corantina, FS17 and Leccino.

We chose the farm for the cultivation of olive oil because of the high-quality calcium-rich soil and the close proximity to the ocean which provides the ideal climate for the growth of the olives.

The general opinion is that olive trees need not much attention, but we believe the exact opposite. The more refined care and attention we put into our olive trees, the better the quality of our end-product.

We also farm conscientiously - utilizing organic and biological methods as far as possible to ensure we consider the surrounding environment during any of our farming activities or with any decisions we make. 

Our first Baleia olive oil was pressed and bottled in 2012.

Our product range includes a 500ml bottle extra virgin olive oil and four different flavour table olives including plain, garlic, chilli and rosemary.

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